Insurance for a Valet

If whilst attending a party, a valet that parked your car had an accident and caused some damage, you would rightfully be upset but that upset would possibly turn to rage if the insurance company said they were going to put up your rates due to that incident. Although you may not have been driving the car, it was your car that caused the damage and it was being driven by someone with your permission.

That means that any damages caused would have to be paid for by your insurance company on your behalf and so the insurance company would perhaps be justified in putting up your rates. However, if the car had been parked by a reputable valet service, they would have their own insurance to cover such events, meaning that that insurance would pay any damages and not yours. As your insurance company did not pay, they would have no reason to ask you to pay more and so you could relax.

A similar thing could happen when your mechanic takes your car for a test drive, if they do not have their own motor trader insurance, it will be your insurance company that pays for any damage and will therefore want to put up the cost of your payments. This means that whenever we need someone else to drive our car whilst in the performance of their regular duties, we should always check if they have insurance. This could apply to a car dealer taking your car on a test drive or a mechanic doing the same thing, even a valet just parking the car, once they are driving in the performance of their job, there is an insurance policy that they could have to cover the cost of any damages they may cause whilst driving your car.

If you are in or considering going into any business that involves the motor trade, you should take out a motor trade insurance policy that is right for the tasks you intend to carry out. By doing so, you will display professionalism to any potential customers; instilling in them a sense of confidence in your abilities. However, there are many different motor trade insurance policies available from many different insurance companies and so finding exactly the right one for you may be somewhat daunting.

It is for this reason that many people in the motor trade hire an insurance broker to find the correct insurance they need. Insurance brokers are often ex insurance agents and so know all the ins and outs of the insurance business, understanding the sometimes long winded terminologies that they use. Whereas an insurance agent though, works for one specific insurance company and so has loyalties to that company, an insurance broker has no one company they work for and so has no other loyalties than to their client, something that in the UK is regulated to ensure that they do. This means a broker can find you the right policy regardless of which company it may be with, possibly saving you money.